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Best phones to the mountain and the beach

How much times we go to the beach or to the mountain and we pay more attention to the mobile phone to don’t get wet, or don’t fall down? There are some mobile phones hat don’t need to be watch. The International Electrotechnical Commission has the IP certification, which is two numbers that show how resistance can be your phone to the dust and to the water. In dust and solids case, it goes since IP0X that means any special protection, to IP6X what means absolutely protected against dust.

In water case is similar, but it has eight numbers. The IPX0 means that your phone don’t have any special protection, and IPX8 that you can introduce it in the water until three meters. So the best you could have is IP68, but are the most expensive too.

The best mobile phones in the sector now at days, referred to the item talking here are:

MFOX A6: Is a kind of military phone, but without doubts is the best phone. The problem that it could have is that is too weight, 600 grams. 

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua: It has IP68 too, but only can go 1.5 meters under the water and during 30 minutes

S6 Active: With the same IP, probably has best characteristics as 5.1 inchs QHD, Exynos 7420, 3 GB RAM...

HTC Desire Eye and Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 would be the second in the sector, because they two are IP67



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