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"In the Heart of the Sea" - The real Tragedy and The Movie

On December 2015 there will be an upcoming movie called "In The Heart Of The Sea" of Warner Bros, that is based in a true story of a tragedy in 1819, when a Huge whale sunk the ship.

Going to Nantucket''s Whaling Museum at Massachusetts, you will find this amazing exhibition: "Stove by a Whale: 20 Men, 3 Boats, 96 Days.”. 

The environment can really thrill and scare you at the same time.
Passing the hall you will hear the sounds of the sea and the whale like how it would normally surround you if you were stuck in the middle of the ocean. 

There's also a screen in front that projects quotes from some of the survivors’ accounts, and the surrounding walls look like water. You will see also an enormous replica of the whaleboat and costumes and other items from the movie. 

[via nationalgeographic]


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