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Our story

People grow up in a connected world, and as it is, our social life is getting to have bigger role in our life. Hundreds of solutions are created by open-minded people day by day to make our life simplier, easier, and more transparent.

The goal of Derigo is to show all those places, sights, restaurant, special discount offers and local businesses that travelers would never found in the travel guides: those places where usually local people are, and only known by them. Derigo was co-founded in 2014 to deliver a service that wants to offer alternative travel programs Derigo wants to offer more authentic, more fun expreiences for travelers from all around the world. Publishing events, places, sights or any local business becomes a simple, one-touch experience which creates a win and win situation for everyone.

Moreover it offers a possibility for those who like organizing trips, make long-lasting friendships and passionate about culture whilst getting to know travelers.

Meet the Team

Szabolcs Tari

Co-Founder, Chief Executive

  • University of Szeged (Hungary)
  • University of Oulu (Finland)
  • Experience in bank-informatics
  • Work experience in the US
  • Passionate about sports, travelling and culture

Péter Popál

Co-Founder, Marketing

  • Economics and Management studies at University of Szeged
  • MA at Corvinus University of Budapest and Universitá Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano
  • Work experience in Spain, Italy and Hungary
  • Passionate about travelling, cultural diversity, football, handball

Dávid Dietrich

Co-Founder, IT Architecture & Lead Engineer

  • BSc Engineering Information Technologist, University of Szeged
  • Developer at PC-BoX Ltd.
  • Passionate about sports and technology

Barbara Dietrich

Web&Graphic Designer

  • BA(Hons) of Publishing at Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Graphic Design studies at UCN, Aalborg, Denmark
  • Work experience in Hungary, Scotland and Portugal.
  • Passionate about cooking, baking, and travelling


Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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