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Escape game in Budapest - PaniQ Room

In Budapest, live escape games are quiet popular, because the city is full of abandoned basements and buildings and it´s perfect for making crazy and tense atmosphere. There are a lot of different rooms like Claustrophilia, Mindquest, Para Park, Da Vinci´s Secret, Detectivity, Paniq room etc. Since all of us are still partially children inside, sometimes we want to go back to our games from childhood. Therefore Budapest gives you a great opportunity to do this – it offers a great choice of escape games, the thing that everybody has to try while visiting this city!

The good thing is that you don´t need to talk, you just need to resolve the tasks so it´s also a great way of entertainment for foreigners.

The prices are similar and range from 2000-4000 HUF (7 – 14 Euros) per person, and it depends on the number of team players. In some rooms it is strictly specified the number of the participants for a better experience, so you need to respect that. If you are student, don´t forget to take your student card because you can get discount around 10%.

Adfuturus team decided to visit one of these underground Budapest attractions: Paniq room!

Escape rooms are generally fun, interactive games – while they look like any other regular rooms, they are actually the mystery puzzle to be solved by participants. Team players usually have to open locked doors, manipulate some objects and discover hidden clues.

At the PANIQROOM the scythe man, a kind of dark mower, welcomed us. His duty was to follow our adventures and give suggestions when solving enigmas was getting complicated. Accomplishing the different steps of the game became a pressure also because of the time limit of one hour. We could never guess that escaping from the locked room and carrying out the tasks to open new treasures could give us so much fun! One hour went on so fast but memories are still alive! And we have unforgettable pictures and videos! Highly recommendable for everybody who wants to feel like a child and have a great fun!

After this experience some of our friends commented:

“I hate scary horror movies but for me it was an enthusiastic experience, also because you have lot of fun when you are in a big group.”

(Jurgena, Italy)

“PaniQRoom was a great group experience, we were scared and excited at the same time, also I love terror films so was a good opportunity to take part in the action.”

(Jano, Spain)

“I am a fan of video escape games so I was very happy to participate in that kind of games a live, I will try to go to many as possible rooms during my staying in Budapest.”

(Nikolina, Croatia)

“No words to describe! You just have to try it!”

(Dagmara, Poland)


Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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