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Water Palace

The Jal Mahal Palace (transl: Water Palace) is 4km to the north of Jaipur in India. 

What is significant about this place is that it appears to float in the centre of Sagar Lake.

When you view it from the lake you will think that it has only one floor, but in fact, there are 4 more under the water. 

Madho Singh, who constructed the Jal Mahal in 1750, simply wished it to be a lodge for himself and his entourage during his duck hunting parties. 
Madho’s son Madho Singh II greatly enhanced the Jal Palace during the 18th century interior of the palace adding the courtyard grounds and much of the exterior as seen today.

What visitors suggest is to visit this beautiful tourist attraction in monsoon, during rainfall, when the lake is full of water. 

Then it becomes a great photo spot! 

When you go at night you will be mezmerized by the lights whereas in day time you can enjoy a camel ride taking photographs.


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