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Underwater tennis center in Dubai

Dubai has more than its fair share of outlandish buildings, but 8 + 8 Concept Studio's recently-revealed proposal for an underwater tennis center would probably take the biscuit for the craziest yet – in the unlikely event it is ever built, anyway ...

Comprising a total of seven sports arenas, the Underwater Dubai Tennis Center is a massively ambitious work. While technical details on the concept are relatively light, we do know it would sit in a shallow bay and be part-buried into the sea bed, with the curved glass roof relatively close to the ocean surface. The interior includes a lobby and hall at its deepest point, both of which would offer views of local sea life.

Of course, the technical hurdles preventing such a project getting off the ground are considerable. Perhaps if it was kept to just the one small court, it could be approached in much the same way as an underwater hotel, but while we don't have the exact measurements, the Underwater Dubai Tennis Center looks massive. The immense pressure, not to mention the technical challenge of putting it into place, would surely prove tricky. Plus there are earthquakes, tsunamis, and large storms to worry about too.

In addition, as the Daily Mail asserts, refracting light and swimming fish may drive tennis players to distraction. So, though the newspaper goes on to quote its creator Krzysztof Kotala as saying he believes it has strong commercial potential, we wouldn't recommend holding your breath for this one to be built.

Source: 8 + 8 Concept Studio

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2016.04.22 13:20 Fri

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