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Czech Gothic architecture

Gothic's signature soaring towers, spires, and buttresses are deeply connected to Prague's rise in the 14th century as one of Europe's great cities and its brief but impressive period as capital of the Holy Roman Empire under Charles IV.

In Prague's heyday the best architects of the time came here to build Charles's vision for a capital worthy of the empire. These included Peter Parler, who oversaw the building of St. Vitus Cathedral, and Benedikt Ried, whose soaring ceiling in the Vladislav Hall at Prague Castle is consider a highpoint of late Gothic. Ried was also involved in building Kutná Hora's greatSt. Barbara's Cathedral.

Great Gothic buildings read like a greatest hits collection of the city's architecture. In addition to St. Vitus and the Old Royal Palace, there's the Týn Church, the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

Another precious monument is the stone bridge in Písek, which was built in the second half of the 13th century and is the oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. Charles Bridge in Prague, with its gallery os Baroque statues and two Gothic bridge towers, is slightly less than a hundred years younger


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