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25 most incredible Erasmus Universities

1. University of Western Brittany, France

25 erasmus universities UBO France

The UBO (Université de Bretagne Occidentale) combines its futuristic exterior with some ridiculously killer views. Is it just me, or does it kind of look like Star Trek’s Enterprise?

2. Aarhus University, Denmark

aarhus denmark  top erasmus universities

An ongoing project since the 1930s, all of Aarhus University‘s buildings are yellow brick and surrounded by rich, green grass. Pleasant and inspiring – and plenty of Danish class!

3. Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

25 erasmus universities Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

If you want to study in a Flemish palace, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven has a few for you to choose from. With long lawns, plenty of lakes and even a famous library (shown above), which got blown to bits during the war, and was carefully rebuilt afterwards.

4. Private University Scholss Seeburg, Austria

25 erasmus universities schloss seeburg

To get to Scholss Seeburg Private University‘s main building, you have to cross a short fairy tale-like bridge. Wait… I forgot to say the main building is an Austrian palace… I’m not even kidding. The palace has a few round towers around its short wall, and boasts incredible views to the lake down below. The university only teaches a few courses, such as event management and economics, but come on: it’s in a palace!!

5. Salzburg University, Austria

25 erasmus universities salzburg

Nearby Schloss Seeburg, you’ll find the Universitaet Salzburg. Placed perfectly between the shore of the lake and that hill with the castle on it, I have to give it to the Austrians: they know where to build a university!

6. University of Barcelona, Spain

25 erasmus universities barcelona spain

Do you ever have that dream where you go to class, but you’re not wearing your knight’s armour? In theFaculta de Filologia (pictured above), you might! The faculty is part of the Universtat de Barcelona, one of the best universities of Spain. It’s quite a surreal experience taking classes in halls that look like a cathedral’s interior, or even climbing up these marble steps, but you’ll never forget it!

7. Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany

25 erasmus universities akademie der bildenden kunste munich germany

The Akademie der Bildenden Künste München in Germany combines classical façades with architecture that isn’t just kick-ass, it’s truly state-of-the art. Some of its corridors are practically museums and it’s also home to one of the world’s coolest libraries.

8. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark

25 erasmus universities design shool denmark

The three buildings of the Royal Danish Academy are split between the Architecture, Design and Conservatory departments. The Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Design has an incredible interior and a minimalist façade, which is mostly covered in windows. This way, students can enjoy the views over the water to the maximum.

9. University of Alcalá, Spain

25 erasmus universities alcala madrid

The famous courtyard of the University of Alcalá has got to be one of the most beautiful monuments in the world dedicated to serious studies. I mean, look at that. Have you ever seen anything like it?

10. University of Turin, Italy

25 erasmus universities turin university italy

The Campus Luigi Enaudi, part of the Università Degli Studi Di Torino. This campus is so awesome that it makes you feel like you’re walking into its architect’s drawings – or the freaking future. If you want to see just how truly mind-blowing this campus is, either check the Plan’s feature on the University of Turin, or apply to go there for your Erasmus!

11. Bangor Business School, UK

25 erasmus universities bangor uk

Three words for you: University with Gargoyles. What more could you want? The University of Bangor has a grand residence built in the 19th century and where current world-leading specialists teach business studies at the University of Bangor. It also has an incredible library.

12. Novancia Business School, Paris, France

25 erasmus universities novancia paris

Nothing in classical Paris is as colourful as Novancia‘s daring façade. Orange yellow and red buildings bring life to the streets of Paris – and may leave you feeling like you’re overdosing on skittles.

13. Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland

trinity college 25 erasmus universities

Forget Hogwarts. This is magic. Long story short: Trinity College is in every list of awesome universities and I just couldn’t leave it out either. Too cool to be true.

14. University of Bologna, Italy

25 erasmus universities bologna italy

Probably the oldest University in Europe and (according to some standards) the world. Università di Bologna is part of what gives this old Italian student town its beautiful charm.

15. Coimbra University, Portugal

25 erasmus universities coimbra portugal

The oldest university of Portugal is Universidade de Coimbra. Find a lovely town with strong academic traditions: it’s a study-hard, party-like-a-legend kind of town. Local students wear a typical uniform and a Harry Potter-style cloak all year round, day and night, which makes it a really easy city to live in: if you never change clothes, nobody will ever notice.

16. Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey

25 erasmus universities Galatasaray istanbul

The long and simple building of Galatasaray University, in Istanbul, is on the very bank of the Bosphorus, right in front of a long promenade. If you know how bright the river can shine on a good day, you know that that view alone is more than enough reason to make it one of the coolest universities ever.

17. La Rochelle University, France

25 erasmus universities La Rochelle France

What is it with the French and building spaceship universities? While I can’t answer that, I can say I think they’re pretty cool, especially La Rochelle University.

18. Bocconi University, Italy

bocconi university 25 erasmus universities

Heavy concrete and clean glass might not be for everybody’s taste, but I think this building represents the best of modern Italian architecture. The fact that Bocconi is one of the best in the world helps!

19. University of Évora, Portugal

evora university 25 erasmus universities

There is a chance that Universidade de Évora was just built to prove to the Spanish that the Portuguese can build pretty courtyards too. Nonetheless, in the warm, sunny south of Portugal, the University of Évora is one of the most beautiful universities of Europe.

20. Groningen University, Netherlands

Groningen University 25 erasmus universities

True Dutch fairy tale material at the University of Groningen, or as the locals spell it – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I think I got that right?

21. Istanbul University, Turkey

istanbul university 25 erasmus universities

At the Istanbul University, students feel like royalty! In the photograph, you can see the noble arch that students walk as they go into university.

22. Heidelberg University, Germany

Heidelberg university 25 best erasmus universities

The lovely town of Heidelberg hosts what QS says is the best German University. The town is amazing, the University of Heidelberg is insane and it features an old student prison as a touristic spot. How many other universities can say that, hey?

23. University of the Arts, London UK

London university of the arts - top erasmus universities

As cutting edge as the arts scene in London is, the University of the Arts in London has this unbelievably modern building close to the O2 arena. It’s really impressive.

24. Oxbridge

Oxford and Cambridge 25 erasmus universities

It might sound crazy, but both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge accept Erasmus students. So you could apply to study at the two most important and famous British universities.

25. Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain

25 erasmus universities comillas pontifical university madrid

A personal favourite, possibly the most incredible university in Europe, the Comillas Pontifical Universityis positively heavenly. (I’m not sure if you’ve been counting them, but that’s like – the 5th pun so far.) This true castle in the clouds is up on a high hill overlooking Madrid.



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