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Vibrant Scenes Full Of Life

This might actually happen if you lived in one of the buildings that got touched by this talented French street artist Patrick Commecy. Together with his team, he creates huge murals of hyper-realistic facades that bring blank and boring city walls to life.

What’s interesting here is that while these realistic yet fake facades trick you at first glance, some of the people painted there were once real. Commecy often paints many notable people from the history of the town the mural is in.

Juliette et les esprits


La galerie V


Au fil de Loire

Le café des acteurs

Tableaux d’Eyzin-Pinet


La fée verte

Café de l’Aqueduc

Roméo et Juliette

Les Dolto

La guinguette

Stars’ kisses

Porte des Lavandières

Porte de l’amour courtois

L’arbre aux oiseaux

Cinéma “Le Vallois”

Vive la récré



Les guides de Chamonix



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2016.07.01 13:44 Fri

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