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Accommodation comparison in different cities

Sleeping in Budapest is relatively inexpensive. For less than €50 night you will find double rooms in more than 50 hotels. Our preferred sleeping areas are near the Chain Bridge, Parliament or Opera. If you prefer staying away from the historic center, any hotel that has a nearby metro station will be a good choice. For the best price advise you to book as early as possible, since the cheapest hotels are the first to fill. The apartments have more followers every day and have become a real alternative to hotels. Hostels in Budapest have very low prices, you can find beds in central hostels from €7, although the average price is between €10 and €12.

Although statistically Rome is one of the most expensive cities to stay, it is still possible to find good deals and cheap hotels and, if you will not want to spend much money on accommodation, you will be able to find double rooms in downtown hotels from €70 per night. On the contrary, if money is not an inconvenience, you can find a wide range of hotels with charm and luxury, with a price over €150 per night. If you are a group of friends or wish to stay in hostels, in Rome you can find beds from €15 in central areas. With the passage of time the apartments have become more popular and they have become a real alternative to hotels, especially for families, groups of friends and long stays, with an average price of €120 per night.

As a major tourist and business center, Madrid has accommodations of all types and for all budgets, from the humblest to the top hotels pensions. The quality / price ratio Hotels in Madrid is much better than other European capitals such as Paris, London or Amsterdam. From a tourist point of view, for us the best places to stay is the downtown district, from where you can easily walk to any point of interest. If you want to refine your search, you can search for hotels close to Puerta del Sol and Gran Via. However, any hotel near a metro station is a convenient option. If the purpose of travel is a conference or event, you can search for hotels near IFEMA, Palacio de Congresos or Barajas Airport. The hotel infrastructure in Madrid is probably one of the best in the world, Madrid has more than 50,000 hotel beds of which 50% are 4 and 5 stars. The tourist apartments are increasingly demanded and have become a good alternative, especially for families or people who want to spend longer stays. For people who prefer to sleep in shelters or friends in Madrid are beds for 14 € in central areas like Sol or Huertas. ¿Camping? Well of course! How is not going to be in Madrid campsites for adventurers? There are several nearby campgrounds. Camping Osuna is near the airport and "El Capricho" station, which could become a good option for backpackers. In the other camps the car is essential. If you seek the cheapest prices or you have come to Madrid without accommodation and you are desperate, the best place to find a bed at a good price is in the streets around Gran Vía.

Depending on the time that you travel to Athens and how far in advance you make the booking, you can find double rooms in downtown hotels from €30 per night. If you want some quality in the best area of Plaka, you will have to stretch the budget to €60 per night. In the same way, you can find luxury hotels and with charming for an average price of €100 per night. If you prefer to save the maximum or you are a group of friends who want to sleep all in one room, in Athens you can find hostels with beds from €9. As in Rome, the tourist apartments have increasingly greater acceptance and they are becoming a good alternative to hotels with prices ranging between €50 - €100 per night.

The accommodation in Bratislava is quite cheaper compared to neighboring Vienna and even has a few cheaper than its other neighboring capital Budapest. The increased supply of hotels in recent years, made possible by the construction of new establishments and remodeling of old lodgings, has favored the fact that you can book a good hotel in Bratislava at good prices. For €40 you can book a double room in a four star hotel. So, we should book online in advance to find the best deals. The payment is not made until the arrival to the hotel and in most places if it is necessary you can cancel the reservation free up to 24 hours. Cheaply is possible to book a bed in a hostel in the Slovak capital. In recent years the tourist apartments have been emerging as an alternative to hotels, especially for those who prefer to travel more at their leisure.

Although Nicosia is not a large city as the previous, there are a variety of hotels ranging from luxurious to basic, with an average price between €150 and €40 respectively. On the other hand, in the city also have aparthotels in which to spend the night usually costs €50. Another alternative for spending the nights in Nicosia are pensions, they are cheaper than hotels, where to spend the night can cost about €30.

In Vilnius, there is a wide variety of choice for any kind of visitor - from the cheapest hostels (6-7EUR per night) to a group of friends or backpackers to the most luxurious hotels in the heart of the city. Mostly the hostels are pretty nice for the low price so think twice before avoiding them. Two bed hotel room in the Old Town might vary from around 50EUR per night (or even cheaper, if you are lucky enough) to... It depends on you, really. Of course, for Vilnius there is the same rule - book in advance to get the best deal possible.

Accommodation prices in Warsaw are no longer a bargain as it used to be several years ago. Now they can be compared with prices in other European cities. Of course, you can find the cheaper and the more expensive places, but in general prices there are standard for Europe.  The best offers of private rooms, pensions or apartments you can usually find off-season.  Warsaw hotels tend to be quite busy through most of the year. This is mainly a business town, and that often makes hotel seasons a bit unpredictable based on whether a conference is going on or not. Generally the high season is summer and the low season is winter, but good deals can be found on some weekends, especially at the nicer hotels. Hostels in low prices can seem to be the best option for backpackers but before coming there it is worth to read the regulations of chosen hostel and analyze if with many prohibitions we will enjoy our holidays in Poland.  The other disadvantage of hostels is that they are frequently used by large school groups, which means young children screaming their heads off and running around the halls. Some private hostels do not accept bigger groups and there we can spend time in peace. 

Warsaw hotel prices:

Rating:        Price:

✪                15€ – 55€

✪✪              24€ – 78€

✪✪✪           27€ – 92€

✪✪✪✪        42€ – 107€

✪✪✪✪✪     89€ – 120€

Warsaw Hostel prices: 7.8€ – 19.8€

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