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Useful Info before travelling to Georgia

Before you arrive: check your passport if it is not expired and it has more than 3 months validity, (no visa required for Schengen citizens), for another passport holders , you can check visa requirements on this website:

Upon arrival: arriving at the international airport of Tbilisi Novo Alexeyevka, you will find banks where you are advised to change only € 50, because you will find the most favorable exchange rate all around the city during the day. Once you got your baggage, if you have not booked a transfer to your hotel, no problem, as you exit from the arrivals area, you have 3 main solutions: a shuttle bus service with 8 Gel (3 Eur) per person takes you to the city center, or take a taxi,  it is very cheap for the Europeans, take one of those white one just out the exit row, the price depends on the area,where you want to go, 30- 40 Gel (11-15 Eur) or the public bus at 50 Tetri (0.25 Eur) with it you can reach as the city centre as central station . Money: The Gel called by all Lari is changed everywhere. Need to change because the shops and restaurants do not accept Euros or what else value.The cost of living, leisure, transport, restaurants is half that in Europe. Change time by time as you need. Debit and Credit Cards accepted in many places but often the connection does not work (credit) always better to have cash.

Transportation:TAXI – everywhere you look, you see a taxi! It is one of the cheapest services in Georgia. You can call a taxi service company, or catch a car in the streets. The cheapest option is to wave a hand in the street. The prices start from 1.5 Eur.

Please negotiate the price in advance. Please also note, that the taxi that is waiting for the customer at the parking lot will charge much more than a taxi that is on the go.
If you order a taxi by phone, it should arrive in 10-15 minutes. Most taxi drivers do not speak your language, so be prepared to use any means of communication. Here are contacts of several taxi companies:+(995 32) 200 200; +(995 32) 60 60 60; +(995 32) 2 747474;

MINI BUS – locals call it Marshrutka. They are yellow and  have numbers on the front glass. Each number is assigned to a specific rout.  Transportation per person costs less than 0.40 Eur. If you plan to stay for several days, you can get a travel card – Metromoney – in any metro station for just 1 Eur. With this card the  first trip will cost 0.40 Eur, but all the following trips will be discounted to 0.30 Eur.  You can catch a Marshutka by waving your hand.

BUS – Tbilisi yellow buses also have their own routes. They cost 0.25 Eur. You can pay using your charged Metromoney, or by coins (you must have 5, 10, 20 or  50 Tetri coins).

METRO is the fastest source of public transport in Tbilisi, but unfortunately there are only 22 metro stations in the city, so you might have to walk a bit to arrive to the final destination. Transportation costs 0.25 Eur per person. You are not able to travel without Metromoney. It is a fast and comfortable way of transportation.

If you want to drive yourself, you can rent a car, which costs over 50 Eur per day ( ). You must carry your driving license, fasten your seat belt and most importantly, be ready for the extreme experience. Traffic in Tbilisi is overloaded and chaotic. Parking is also a problem.

To get from Tbilisi to the regions , you can take the bus (from different bus stations as ”Okriba bus station- Karaleti str.5, Tel:+32 234 26 92; Tbilisi central station-Gulia str.1 Tel: +32 275 34 33,   275 40 14 ”) or train ( ) or Taxi (the price will be too high).

Martvili Canyons Photo by Migawki z podry

Martvili Canyons. Photo by Migawki z podróży

Stay online in Georgia:

There are three operators in Georgia: MagtiGeocell & Beeline. All of them have 4G networks and good coverage. All cities are covered with high speed 4G networks, the coverage is a bit worse in rural areas and quite poor in high mountains. Note that Beeline doesn’t have a 3G network.  In general, 10-15 Eur per month will let you receive unlimited minutes and SMS, and quite a lot of internet data.

There is “Tbilisi Loves You” free Wi-Fi in Tbilisi central areas. but sometimes in different areas it has a poor performance. 

Eating in Georgia: when you go to enjoy the typical Georgian cuisine you should taste Kinkali, Kachapuri, Adjaruli, or megruli, eggplant with nuts, Lobio, Kababi... The prices always depends on the place you choose, but average price for the food is the following:

 Take out food in Tbilisi

·         Khachapuri with cheese  0,85 EUR 

·         Hachapuri with meat, beans and potato fillings. Value within the range of 0,21 - 0,85 EUR 

·         Shawarma 2,6 EUR 

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi

  • Sausage in pastry with cheese 0,81 EUR
  • Skewers 1,6 EUR 
  • Chicken steak 2 EUR 
  • Chicken Skewers 1,6 EUR 
  • Mushroom roll 1,7 EUR 
  • Salads 1,2 - 1,8 EUR 
  • Hachapuri 1,3 EUR 
  • French fries 1,2 EUR 
  • Coca-Cola 500ml 0,68 EUR
  • Coffee 0,89 EUR 
  • Juices 1,1 EUR 
  • Water 0,51 EUR


Drinking in Georgia: The wine is excellent, nothing to envy to the best wines in the world. The finest grapes are for red wine Saperavi, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli, for whites - Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Tsinandali -  mix between Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane. If the wine is excellent but it is priced as in Europe, the beer is superb and costs less than half than in Europe. Recommended to try Herzog, Natakthari and Zedazeni.


Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 1.00 Eur


Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 2.00 Eur


Wine price (1L) 8 EUR, (glass)  2.00 Eur

     -   mayel travel


You can book a hotel / hostel for your trip and also use  to rent a room in a private apartment, the average price for the accommodation per night is 50 eur (hotel); 10 eur (bed in dormitory room) and 15-20 eur for the room at Airbnb.


·         Do not enter in church with shorts/skirt/top t-shirt/without scarf (for women)

·         Avoid looking at a lady if she is with a man, it can cause a heavy discussion..

·         Do not buy souvenirs near the church or in the city center, if you really have not seen something special for you, maybe you can see it on the river side market (Mshrali khidi) at half price . And always bargain on the price, if you are in an outside market.

·         Do not cross the street without checking that all the cars are stopped, even if the light signal is green for you.

·         Do not give any tip to the gipsy children begging in the city center, if you give at one ,then his friends will arrive. Just walk, without attracting them.

·         Do not sit in the Taxi without bargaining on price. If you don’t you will regret it , because the  fee will be double or triple, depending on the driver.




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