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Green Prague

Prague from a new point of view with Prague Green City Guide. A really interesting interview with Jennifer Day, co-founder of (Prague's first sustainable lifestyle platform).

Hello Jenny, first of all many thanks for your time. So lets start the interview:

- Why is it "Green" City Guide?

Good question! Green means something a bit different for everyone. For us, "green" is anything that helps promote a healthier society, including personal wellbeing, human rights and environmental sustainability. "People, planet, profit" is generally a good rule of thumb. Basically this means that we pick businesses that provide high quality, long-lasting products and services that also have a positive (or at least less negative) impact on the natural environment and on people. There are a few criteria we use to choose places for our guide, but most of them are common sense. It's well known by now that there are several lifestyle choices that are better for both the health of our bodies and our planet, including eating less meat, favoring organic products (from food to fashion), recycling and upcycling instead of buying new, reducing energy and water consumption, using sustainable transport such as bikes and e-bikes, and buying locally made products. This is why we list all the best eco-hostels and hotels, bike rental shops, urban gardens, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, farmer's markets, organic shops, local design shops and more. 


- What are the main differences between your book and the other Prague guidebooks?

We are the first guidebook to look at Prague from a green point of view. There are a growing number of people trying to live and travel in a more sustainable way, and we're trying to help them do that. Eco-freaks, vegans, vegetarians, bike-lovers and people who just want to find more local and authentic souvenirs, will all find something in our book. Around six million tourists visit Prague every year, so the impact their decisions have on the city is quite big. We think people can enjoy all the amazing things Prague has to offer, including the architecture and (admittedly) the beer, but do it in a way that also helps preserve tradition and make the city even more beautiful.


- Can you please introduce your team?

We're just a two-person team, though we collaborated with a lot of other super talented green-minded people in creating this book. Aneta Hebrová is the Czech half of our team and I, as an Austrian-American, am the "expat" half. Both of us are pretty obsessed with sustainability and have spent the past two years (full-time) figuring out how to live sustainably in the city and sharing our findings with others. 


- Where did the idea come from? 

Prague Green City Guide grew out of our other project Greenglasses, a Prague-based directory of green businesses that we built up over the past two years. The idea was personally motivated. I had taken a trip to Indonesia, one of the world's last "biodiversity hotspots", and was shocked at the level of environmental destruction I observed. This was kind of like the last straw for me. I decided I didn't want to be part of the problem anymore, and wanted to figure out if I could live a good life without buying products that clearly contribute to these horrible ecological disasters. One example is no longer eating food containing palm oil, but there are also a lot of other products that are connected with environmental problems, including the cotton used to make most clothes. I met Aneta in 2014 and she was looking for a meaningful project to work on, given that she was also observing the impacts of corporate life on her own health and the planet. So together, we decided to start a blog about sustainable living in the city (, which evolved into an online green directory and finally our guidebook, Prague Green City Guide.

Many thanks again Jenny and good luck with your amazing project! 

For more information about the project please check their Facebook site:


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