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Budapest in pictures

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “Budapest”? The beautiful building of Hungarian Parliament? Chain bridge? The blue Danube? Sure, but there are so many other things still left to discover! We invite you to take a small photo tour around Budapest – get to know it better and discover places that are still waiting for you.

Let‘s start with the best known – Országház which literally translated means House of the Country or House of the Nation. It is one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest and the largest one in the country. The perfection of the Gothic Revival takes your breath away from the first glimpse no matter when you decide to admire it.

Pest part of the city is pretty plain but Buda side brings back the harmony – there you can leave all your energy just climbing the hills.

The panoramic views that you can enjoy from there are priceless and there are so many to choose your favourite from. Either it is Gellért Hill or a view from Fisherman‘s Bastion – we are sure you will love them all.

There are at least 14 bridges in Budapest – we are not saying you have to cross them all but some of them are a must. Margaret and Chain bridges will give you some nice sights of the Parliament building and its surroundings, a little bit further but still great - Petőfi Bridge will let you enjoy the glory of both Liberty and Elisabeth bridges as well as the Gellért Hill.

Walking around the city you will probably notice the big variety of different architecture styles which are truly a treat for the eyes. Starting from St. Stephen’s Basilica and finishing with modern buildings not that far from it, Budapest is full of wonders.

By the way, did you know that St. Stephen’s Basilica is the same height as Parliament building (96 metres)? This equation symbolises that worldly and spiritual thinking have the same importance.

The River Danube is not only meant to be looked at – with the same public transport ticket it is possible to have a nice and calming boat ride, passing the majority of must sees. It is also a great place for various water activities, such as kayaking.

There are some great spots in Budapest to rest your head from everything that has been going around. Those are parks like Margaret Island, Kopaszi gát or huge City Park where everyone can find their peaceful corner.

Getting around Budapest by metro, buses, trolley buses, boats and trams is really easy – they operate very often and have good connections with every part of the city. What is more – the tram no. 2, which connects Jászai Mari Square and Közvágóhíd Square, and rides parallel with the Danube, on the embankment of the Pest side, had been mentioned in the list of ten most beautiful tram/trolley lines in the world.

See you in Budapest!

[Renata Liubertaitė]

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2015.09.02 09:44 Wed

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