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Competition offer - social travelling creator – invites students from all European universities to take part in the competition in which you can win a trip to one of the European cities.


If you want to take part in the competition follow these steps:

I ROUND (deadline: 15th of October 2015)

1.    Like our facebook page:

2.     Answer the question under our post: “Why trips organized by locals are more interesting than those organized by travel companies?”

3.     Share the post on your timeline.

4.     Invite friends for liking your answer (1 like = 1 point).

5.     Watch how you grow and wait for the results. 15 people who collect the highest number of points will go to the second round of the competition.

Wait for the official info and message from Derigo with the information if you got to the second round. If you did, follow these steps:

II ROUND (deadline: 1st of November 2015)

1.     Record a video in which you present yourself as a local guide of your city. Show the hidden parts of the place you live. Be original and creative in it! J

2.     The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes.

3.     At the beginning of your video highlight that you take part in Derigo competition and you can win a trip to one of the European cities. Say also which university you represent.

4.     Upload your video to Youtube and send us the link in the message on Facebook (

5.     We will post your video on our website (

6.     Share your video from our website to your timeline on Facebook.

7.     Invite people for liking and sharing the link (1 like = 1 point, 1 share = 2 points). We count shares and likes done only from our website. You will see current number of them next to your video.

8.     You are just a step from winning your desired trip. For you and the second person - your love, friend or family member.

9.     Just do your best and you will be there!


From the 5 TOP videos (highest number of points in the II round) our jury will choose the winner of the competition, 2nd and 3rd place. The results will be shown on our official website and Facebook fanpage on 10th of November 2015.


1st place:  Trip for 2 people to the chosen destination from our offer. It includes flight tickets, accommodation and 3 days program in chosen place.

2nd place: Trip for 2 people to the chosen destination from our offer. It includes accommodation and 2 days program in chosen place.

3rd place: Weekend trip program for 2 people in Budapest.


In Derigo competition you are the one who has the choice about your trip destination. You can choose where you go from below ones:

1. BUDAPEST – trip to the capital of Hungary

2. MADRID – trip to the capital of Spain

3. ZAGREB – trip to the capital of Croatia

4. PRAGUE – trip to the capital of Czech Republic

5. VIENNA – trip to the capital of Austria


1.     The competition is organized by Derigo.

2.     Only students from European universities can take part in the competition.

3.     Only original posts and videos can be submitted in the competition.

4.     Posts and videos should be prepared in English.

5.     Results of the first and the second round of the competition will be made on the basis of the number of points collected from shares and likes of participants’ posts. For 1 like it is 1 point, for 1 share – 2 points.

6.     In the third round a panel judges will evaluate 5 TOP videos and select the winners according to the following criteria: originality, way of presentation and quality of the movie.

7.     The judges’ panel is composed by Derigo team.

8.     Participants from 1st, 2nd and place has right to choose their prize from 5 options, written in the official document about competition.

9.     Derigo is the only one sponsor of the prizes.

10.  By taking part in the competition you accept this regulation and give a right for Derigo to publish your video and your name on their website.

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2015.09.03 12:10 Thu

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