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Dine like a parisian in BOUILLON CHARTER

When people travel to Paris, they often think that tasting the famous french cuisine will be expensive. But of course, that doesn't exist if you know how to search well.

Right in Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 7, there is a classic and big restaurant looking to satisfy your stomach.
It  has capacity for 350 persons and it is always crowded as, in order to benefit all the space that they have, they fit everyone in. If you are lucky you  can sit next to a  parisian citizen, who can give you some tips about where to go or about which is the best sightseeing to visit.
Established at 1896, it is still considered to be a classic restaurant. It keeps the same local design, with the same decoration and the waiters still wear the same clothes (
black vests and white aprons) as at the beginning in 1860

The restaurant started as a working class restaurant, with hot-served cheap meals offered to poor people trying to help every family that came to eat. That is why the name is “Bouillon Charter”.
All over these years and generations the quality and range of dishes stay almost the same and of course in a reasonable price! 

To finish, you don't have to care about paying some extra dish, or  worry about having forgotten something, the waiter writes down what you order on the paper tablecloth.

[ via diariodelviajero ]

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2015.10.08 13:59 Thu

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