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"Wizardly" Chambers

The Georgian House is the name of a hotel in London that is built and decorated to make you feel as if you were in the magical school of Hogwarts. Recreating the Wizard Chambers, the hotel has two kind of rooms, one bigger that costs 209 pounds (89.000 forint more or less) and one smaller but with the same decoration and impression that costs 199 pounds (84.800 forint).

Everything is as you expect: Magical atmosphere, lighted candles and music is played as you approach the chambers. Mugs, Bookshelves, Shower Curtains, all Harry Potter's DVD and Books are some of the extra decor to spice up the details. Friendly service and comfort are also some of the reasons of why you would like to go back.

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diariodelviajero ]

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2015.10.08 22:02 Thu

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