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5 restaurants in NY that you should visit

New York is one of the most, if not the most, glamorous city over the world, but during your walk around trying to see the best landscapes and sightseeing, you need to make some stops to recover strength and then continue. Here we present you 5 restaurants that could interest you:

1.The Mercher: In 99 Prince Street 

Perfect to take some snack and continue  or to sit down and eat some hamburger or whatever kind of rolls you can imagine.

2. Kin Shop: In 469-6th Avenue. 

Asian food and more specifically, thai food is growing so fast that is now one of the most visited places to eat.

3. The Spotted Pig: In 314 W. 11th Street. 

This restaurant will call your attention since you come in. With a peculiar decoration of differents cultures and countries, the mainstream of the  place is the roquefort hamburguer, you will fall in love. That´s one of the reasons why they have one Michelin star.

4. ABC Kitchen: In 35 East 18th Street. 

It is one of the most famous and  favorite restaurants of New Yorkers, because seasonal products are picked in order to be prepared and be cooked. By this, they show their respect to the environment.

5.The John Dory: In 1196 Broadway at 29th Street. 

If you are tired of being an carnivorous in USA, then this is your restaurant. Specialized in seafood, shellfish and oysters are the principal dishes ready to offer you a personal and delicious taste. 

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