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Breaking Bad Coffee Shop

If  you are a freak of the mainstream TV series “Breaking Bad”, now you can take some coffee «as they should prepare it».
In Istanbul, in the Street Caferaga Mah Badem number 20 (Atik Su Aritma neighbourhood) there´s now a coffee shop that looks like a chemistry lab.


 are dressed as Walter White used to: yellow jumpsuits and gasmasks, and to amaze you more, they prepare and serve drinks in containers made like beakers, the one that we used to find in the Laboratory.

So  If you want to experiment that, taste their «meth cupcakes» with blue crystal-candy topping or if you want to study some chemistry while you are having a relaxing cup of coffee, then this is definitely your place.  


[ via diariodelviajero ]

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2015.10.11 21:29 Sun

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