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There are a lot of places recommended to visit, but there’s a place in the world that is highly NOT to! 

Why? North Sentinel is an island in the Pacific Ocean that can look as a Paradise where you can go with your family or wife to have some relaxing holidays, but nothing further of reality.

This is the most dangerous island in the world. Their inhabitants haven´t had any contact with any exterior of the island, and don´t want to. Whenever someone "invades" their zone, they start throwing stones or metal-tipped arrows carved from hulls of wrecked ships. 

But their hostile attitude towards strangers probably saved them from extinction over the centuries.

No one knows the exact number of the inhabitants, but after the tsunami of 2004, it is expected to be around 100.

The Indian government has tried to get in contact and to take them to civilization, but it is absolutely impossible. So if ever you see think of this island, don´t even think for approaching it, because probably you will be killed and eaten.

[via diarioelviajero]

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2015.10.15 12:22 Thu

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