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Airways and delays

Probably all of us have suffered some delay in our plane trip, that´s so disgusting and most of all when you see that anyone do anything to solve it. But it´s time to act if these happens again. Here we give you some of your rights if this affect you. First of all, we have to advise you that if the delay or the cancel has a reason that the airway can´t control as weather or walkout of workers out of the company there is nothing we can do. But if the workout is of workers who belong to the company, then we can claim for the additional costs as hotel, food, calls… and to return part of the money because of the time of holiday we are losing when the  trip is delayed. When it is cancelled the airway must indemnify us and return the ticket money or give an alternative transport to arrive to our destination. Indemnify must be 250€ if the flies takes less than 1500 km, 400€ if is between 1500 km and 3000 km and 600€ for more than 3000 km. 


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2015.10.22 13:35 Thu

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