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A large AQUARIUM in your Hotel? -Of Course!

The world's largest free standing aquarium, the AquaDom, is the centerpiece of Radisson Blu hotel in the heart of the city of Berlin.

Entering the Hotel you will not stop glancing the giant tank that lies just on top of the lobby and bar. 

With more than 97 species, this tank contains 1 million liters of seawater. The height is 25meters and has a total weight of 2.000 tons.
Can it get better? - Yes! There is a 2-story glass elevator inside the AquaDom (5 meters high/weight of 25 tons) which has a capacity of 48 people and can bring you immediately to spa and other facilities.

Enjoy this exclusive offer for hotel guests and visit AquaDom and Sea Life Berlin!

For a different view still, there's the option of staying in a room with a view overlooking the awesome AquaDom itself.

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2015.10.26 18:54 Mon

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