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Trips Before Technology

Nowadays we arrive fast to everywhere, we have whatever we need in our phone as e-mail, whatsapp, all applications we use daily… but what about when we hadn’t any of these things? When we had to send letters to our fathers, or the payphones were really useful? Here come some of these things that people under 20 years old don’t know and probably will never do it:

-          Send a letter, with the seal, hoping to arrive as soon as possible to inform your family that you were ok… finally you arrive home before the letter. Now with whatsapp you just have to send your message and in 2 seconds the other person receives it

-          Look for a payphone and stay so long talking with whom you care, now we have Skype, and that is free.

-          Read books, yes READ BOOKS, when you have to wait for the train, in the airport, or in the doctor. Now we just try to find wifi to put on facebook, twitter or other social media where we are and what we are doing.

-          Take care with the photos. You needed to buy some special reel, which was expensive, and after you needed to pay too much for the photos. Now its so easy to take the mobile phone and do as much as you want with filters. 

-         When you arrive at home, your family and friends must reserve one full day to see all the photos you took. Not to mention that you had to put all your photos in a book of remembrances and then never see it again. Now you just have to show your phone search the photo you want

-          TAKE CARE OF YOUR AIRPLANE TICKET!!!!! It was so easy to break, to lose or to remove the ink. Now we have it in the smartphone and we haven’t any problem.

-          You had to go to the travel agencies to buy the ticket and to reserve the hotel too, expecting that the hotel was like in the photos, but it never was like it. Today we have lots of agencies online.

-          Ask for the people of the place you were how to go to wherever you want. This wasn’t easy, first of all you had to find someone who speaks the same language, and after make yourself understood. Today Google Maps make this so easy.   

-          Ask people where were the best restaurants, believing them independently of if this was the most expensive or his own restaurant. Now search in internet is enough

-          Enjoy sightseeing’s, landscapes and not care about sharing on facebook or twitter and when you realise, is dark and you can´t see anything more.

But out of these, Internet makes our life easier so, welcome to the new era!

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2015.10.27 14:54 Tue

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