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Lets have a Beer... Bath !

Most of the countries of East Europe presume to be the inventors of the beer, with lots of different kinds and different alcohol grades. 

One of these countries of course, is Czech Republic, and to prove it they offer not only all kind of beer  you can imagine, furthermore they offer beer baths, where you can be in a barrel with beer and drink in a glass at the same time (of course not for the barrel!).

This is not only an attractive activity, or something to call tourist attention, they claim that the beer gets to the skin vitamins and nutrients as well as it relax the muscles, and this, combined with gas water can remove the body aches, is the best way to relax and feel much better and much happy when you leave. 

To finish the treatment, you will receive a massage to remove all the stress of the day.

What is this bath made by? You have to put in to the barrel five litres of blonde beer, five more litres dark beer, a bit of hops and a secret cocktail of different herbs.

Czechs are known to drink a lot of beer, there are one of the countries where more beer is drunk, with more or less one hundred sixty litres per each person at year, but at least they leave some to this beer baths. 

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2015.10.28 10:31 Wed

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