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8 Spooky Halloween Destinations

Prepare yourself for the next Halloween! 

1. Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Salem is located in Massachusetts, USA, and it is one of the most tempting places on the East Coast to celebrate Halloween. The city actually has itself-proclaimed as Halloween capital, also known as the “Witch City”, because of numerous cultural events and traditions from the past. It is amazing Halloween destination because of the annual Halloween themed festival, while arguably the scariest places to visit at night are the Witch Museum and the Old Harbour.

2. Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Kutna Hora is an iconic city when it comes to Halloween celebration, because of the Sedlec Ossuary. The bone-church offers a unique experience through some of the scariest views  you can imagine. There are skeletons of some thousands of people which create a wide variety of objects, artistic constructions and other items and the stories about them are also unique.

3. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is  a region of Romania, which has famous Halloween tradition too. This place is connected with vampires and the most popular place is Dracula Castle. But there for Halloween, the entire region transforms into a scenic place, where numerous events and celebrations take place.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans is in Louisiana. This city is famous  for its voodoo traditions, which include voodoo temples and different cemeteries. There are  for Halloween numerous festivals and Halloween events, such as visits of the Hermann-Grima house and the Voodoo Music Festival. The most popular place for visiting for Halloween is the Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.

5. Greenwich Village, New York, USA

You must visit Greenwich Village in New York for Halloween because of the  huge annual holiday parade for Halloween. The parade is on a long street, where over a million people are blended together with their scary masks and costumes, and they are accompanied by a wide number of dancers, musicians, puppeteers and other artists. It is simply unique atmosphere.

6. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses is another beautiful destination for Halloween. This hill is most famous for the countless crosses (there are over some thousands of crosses) with different sizes, shapes, colors and ornaments, which are spread over a large area. The Hill of Crosses including green meadows, tall green trees and the blue waters of a river.

7. Cancun, Mexico (Day of the Dead)

Halloween in Cancun is called Day of Dead and many people believe that all their dead relatives come back to them on Halloween and spend this holiday together. This event starts in October 31 and continues till the November 2. Halloween here is called “The Day of Death”(Spanish: Día de Muertos).. Then there are a lot of parades, festivals and displays cover almost the entire city, and create a wonderful environment with a picturesque abundance of costumes, puppets, food, candles, masks or even skeletons. You don’t want to miss that!

8. Hong Kong

Known as the Halloween party capital of Asia, Hong Kong has 2 traditions. The first tradition involves the event “Yue Lan” or Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. The second, more commercialized event is celebrated by American or Canadian expatriates. Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park (Halloween Bash) host Halloween shows every year. Lan Kwai Fong bars annually throw Halloween parties.

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