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Cenotes of Mexico

If anyone talk to you about “Cenotes”, you will probably don’t know what  he or she is talking about.

“Cenote” is a word used just in Mexico to describe natural wells of sweet water which are really beautiful.  It could be under earth, open to the sky, half open or in grotto.
Specifically, it is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath.

The cenotes were formed in the Glacier Era and the ancient people thought that it was a kind of door to the hell and they made some sacrifices there.
Nowadays, Cenotes not only offer you the chance to admire them, but there you can practice kayak, snorkel, diving, rappel on a really different way!

The most important cenotes are:
  • Aktun Ha: Known too as Cenote Carwash is the best one for diving and see the incredible forms of his stones.

  • Cenote Escondido or Blue Cenote: It is in the middle of the jungle where you can see all the nature and plants that you can imagine.Once you find it, you must swim and relax in this amazing place.

  • Dzitnup: Known too as Xkeken, that  in Maya means pig, is one of the most famous and visited of Yucatan. 

  • Tza-Itza: This one is found in a grotto, located in Tecoh, with just one entrance on its north side. It has a diameter of water of 20 metres, and it goes deep from 0.50 metres to 21 metres. 

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