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Megabus is a couch company service which started operating in 2003 in Scotland and now has grown and extended to USA, Canada and almost all countries in Europe (England, Ireland,France,Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain).

With buses that are bigger than the normal bus that we are used to take, they offer an unique experience on board, with toilets, Wi-Fi, extra big seating, plugs.

What would you think if someone tell you that you can go from Barcelona to Koln stopping in Perpiñan, Montpellier, Aviñon, Lyon, Mulhouse, Friburg, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Frankfurt? And all this for less than 60 euros.

But the best is yet to come, this company, as airlines, has special offers even if you book a ticket the very last minute. They are so cheap, that you can buy one for just 1 Pound!!!! Yes, you read well, JUST ONE POUND (almost 1,40Euros)! Tickets must be bought in advance via the Megabus website or by telephone, when passengers are given a reservation number that they show the driver when they board.

 You just have to go to and start searching the cities and itineraries that you and your family or friends prefer and get to know Europe at the best price you can ever find!

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2015.11.09 11:27 Mon


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