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Disney World - amazing facts (part 2)

8. “The Haunted Mansion”

Yep, Disney had thought of this well too. At the Haunted Mansion the employees make the grass grow and they let it die on purpose to contribute it to the dark atmosphere. 
Also, if you have already been here, you definitely will remember the hanging bride of the ride. If so, before you enter the ride, search for her wedding ring on the concrete. 

9.Tributes to old attractions

As said, many changes have been made at the park so far. When changing a ride though, a tribute is made to the old one in order to keep it "alive".
For example, Mr. Toad can be seen handing over the deed to his attraction to Owl, from “Winnie the Pooh.” The Pooh ride replaced “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.”

10. References to history

"Liberty Square", where the Hall of Presidents is,  is dedicated to colonial America. If you look well, you will find there a hidden figure of Paul Revere.
The brown winding path in the Square is also meant to represent raw sewage since indoor plumbing didn’t exist during the depicted time.

11. Ashes in Disney

You can call them crazy or not, but there are lots of fans who want to spread their ashes throughout the parks of DisneyLand. Many have asked, many have tried but none so far has got a positive answer. Actually, two parents of a 7 year old boy attempted to do so at the Haunted Mansion but the ride was immediately forced to stop in order to clean up the ashes.

12. Flash Mountain

In the late 90's, when camera flashes were widespread, users used to take them anywhere going wild. Especially in the Splash Mountain, where people captured so many pictures and they started posting them on websites. Finally, Disney hired special photographers for the first time and the Splash Mountain turned its name to Flash Mountain. At first people were free to pose topless but that was forbidden from 2009.

[via nydailynews]

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