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Sea Organ- Musical Instrument

There is a musical instrument in Zadar of Croatia, located next to the sea, which creates harmonous musical notes coming from the sea waves and the wind.

The architect who had this amazing idea is Nikola Basic, who wanted to create this water organ (based in hydraulophone), in order to redesign the city coast which was a monotonous concrete wall destructed from Second World War. 

His Project started 2005, and it is seventy meters long and has thirty-five organ pipes built under the concrete. A few months later, he added white marble steps that were leading down to the water.

Of course there are many tourists who come to visit this creative idea, but there are also the locals who come here either to take a relaxing walk near the seaside and enjoy the natural sounds it makes, other just come to lie down and sunbathe when the weather is good and others come even to do Yoga Meditation.

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2015.11.13 12:21 Fri

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