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Don't Do These 18 Things Abroad

Each country has its special culture and weird customs too. In some regions where some things are considered to be normal, for others they are not.

So, if you ever travel to one of these, be aware of the following tips :

1) Don't ask or talk about money in France.
(Okay, it is a common fact not to do this due to politeness, but French mostly don't)

2) Don't leave tips in Japan.
(Japanese give the best of their service without expecting some tips)

3) Don't touch the opposite sex in public in India (kissing or holding hands).
It is highly inappropriate

4) Don't get offended at locals' jokes in Mexico.
(Mexicans are really funny and innocent so, just go with the flow.)

5) Don't show OK gesture in Turkey.
(It is very offensive.)

6) Don't ask how much money people earn in England.
(This conversation can be really uncomfortable for them).

7) Don't try to imitate the Irish Accent.

8) Don't Congratulate on Birthday someone in advance in Germany.
It is said to be bad luck.

9) Don't call people by name first in Kenya.

Do it only when someone has already used your name first. 

10) Don't eat with your hands in Chile.
Manners. manners. manners.

11) Don't eat in public transport in Singapore.
Also don't feed birds here or spit rubbish on the road. The fees are really high.

12) Don't forget to leave tips in USA.
Tipping is obligatory and there are even rates of how much to tip for any service you use.

13) Don't order cappuccino in Restaurant in Italy.
It is not really common to order cappuccino if it is not for breakfast.

14) Don't clink glasses when toasting beer in Hungary.
(It is bad luck)

15) Don't give clock or umbrella as a gift in China.
Because umbrella sounds like "seperate" in Chinese, and "giving clock" sounds like "paying your last repect to someone." 

16) Don't give an even number of flowers in Ukraine.
(As in many Slavic countries, people bring even number of flowers in cemeteries)

17) Don't show the sole of your foot to the person you're talking to in Thailand.

18) Don't ask for a second cookie if they offer you in The Netherlands.

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2015.11.16 11:21 Mon


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