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Beautiful Budapest

The city with Europe’s largest Parliament, the largest functioning synagogue and the continent’s first underground railway, is really interesting to visit. It is Budapest, historical and attractive European city where the visitors can find the remains of fortresses and buildings from Roman times, still operating Turkish baths, Gothic and Baroque buildings and the incredible rich Art Nouveau architecture heritage.

Budapest Cityscape from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

My visit in Budapest becomes really more interesting and full of experience, that I can see so many historical, beautiful and magical castles, churches, buildings and squares.

One of the very special things about Budapest is the Prevalence of thermal springs right in the centre of the city. There are 118 springs and boreholes altogether. That’s why the city is called Spa capital of Europe. One of the reasons the Romans first colonizes the area immediately to the west of the river Danube and established their regional capital at Aquincum ( in northern Budapest) is so that they could utilize and enjoy the thermal springs. There are still ruins visible today of the enormous baths that were built during that period.

My visit in Buda castle was really impressionable. It’s erected in the 14th century and rebuilt in Baroque style 400 years later. It was the residence of Hungarian kings for 700 years. Today it embraces the most visited museum and galleries in Budapest, such as the Budapest Historical Museum, Hungarian National Gallery and National Library. After visiting Buda Castle, I walked from Buda to Pest on the Chain Bridge, the oldest one of the 9 bridges spanning the Danube. The bridge has a sentimental symbol of Budapest. Then I continued my walk along the Danube Corso, where I was amazed with the decoration and the size of the parliament. The house of Parliament is the largest and the most decorative building in the country.

It’s impossible to visit this area of the city without seeing The St. Stephen’s Basilica, a neo- Renaissance church. The Chapel of the hole Right contains jealously guarded treasure, a relic of the first Hungarian king, St. Stephen. It is his right hand which has remained intact for 1000 years. The Basilica’s tower balcony offers a wonderful panorama of the city. I also visited the Margaret island, the another great place to spend some time with its beautiful nature. This huge park is in the center of the Danube river. This island is a great place to rent a bike, to relax or to go for a run. The Margaret island is also home to the Palatinus water park. The island was named after princess Margaret, who lived in the island 700 years ago.

The most important green area in the centre of the city is the City Park. In the entrance of the Park there is a famous Heroes’ Square, which is one of the major squares in Budapest. It is surrounded by two important buildings: Museum of fine art and Palace of art.

I think Budapest is really attractive and interesting city and it takes time to visit all its historical and magical places. I hope during my visit in Budapest, I will get to see all beautiful places of the city.

David Domínguez (Spain)


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