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Black Tourism

Travelling to places that are associated with death and tragedy can be really interesting..
It is not that we fascinate memorials, but it is interesting and we should be aware of the history of each tribute.

The Nazi concentration camp can bring you so many chills.. There are two parts that you have to visit: 1) Auschwitz and 2) Auschwitz II-Birkenau.
You will need definitely 3,5 hours to view all the rooms. The rooms with glasses, shoes and other things that the victims left behind. You will especially feel worst when you see the room with the real hair.

Prypiat, Ukraine
This used to be a village (50000 population) next to Chernobyl nuclear power station. Even though it was abandoned in 1986, many tourists come to visit the old buildings and streets with the gas masks etc.

Costa Concordia, Tuscany
Remember Costa Concordia? The most recent maritime tragedy actually became a tourist attraction. An sold out well idea that costs tourists 10euros to sail next to this enormous,200 yards, boat wreck.

New Orleans
Well, this tragedy was caused by the notorious Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Although it is not allowed for tourists buses to go until this district, due to rebuilding constructions, many have too much curiosity to wander around this place.

Nope. We didn't mistype. This is the actual name of the volcano in Iceland that shut the European airspace in 2010 and brought chaos. This one luckily didn't have bad results, but its worth visiting. So, if you are interested of visiting the crater of it, you will have to rent a 4x4 jeep to hike the heights.

When the first atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima on August 6,1945, the city became known worldwide for this unenviable distinction. The destructive power of the bomb was tremendous and obliterated nearly everything within a two kilometer radius. Many believed that this place would be impossible to be reconstructed, but in fact, the historical monuments of heritage ( Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien Garden) proved them wrong. Don't forget also to visit the Peace Memorial Park in the center of the city.

Belchite, Spain, Zaragoza
A ghost-town where in summer of 1937 there was a dispute between General Franco’s troops and the Spanish Republican Army.A new village was built a couple of years later near the ruins of the old one, which were left standing as a memorial to the conflict.


Okpo Land
It was once a popular theme park at the southern tip of South Korea. It was closed after two fatal accidents involving the duck rollercoaster in the Nineties, and now lies eerily abandoned.

The ruins of Pompeii have been a travel destination for 250 years, making it perhaps the original dark tourism site. Here is the only place in the world where you can begin to understand how the Romans of the first century AD lived.

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