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Why getting lost, is okay when you travel

For many travelers getting lost can be one of their greatest fears.
If you handle it right though, it can offer you many good things and can enhance your travel experience.

1)      You improve your problem solving skills.

You’ve been wandering around an unknown country or town? Don’t panic! Grab the map and learn how to read it! You will get to know the names of the streets and you will learn how to navigate much better and get to your desired destination by many ways.  It will be easier also to commute.

2)      You highlight your positive characteristics –or the opposite too!-

For most travelers, getting lost can bring out their inner –social personality- as they will have to ask people for directions or information, while this is a great opportunity for them to meet new friends.
On the other hand , when bringing yourself outside your comfort zone you react in ways that you can’t control your reactions. Others get really stressed or scared, others are calm, others become frustrated but most of the times most travelers are just overreacting.  So, think about your reactions the next time you travel, be calm and «enjoy the ride». 

3)      You get into more adventures.

Afterall, that’s what travelling is worth for. Gaining experiences from the unexpected. It is okay if you lose your road back to your place or miss the last bus for the next city, you can make the best stories out of these. So view your loss as an opportunity, not a drawback.

4)      Like the rules, the travel plans can be broken.

Alright, things didn’t go as you planned. Take advantage of the situation and search for other map coordinates. Go with the flow and just relax. Traveling is all about enjoying each route you have, not cursing any difficulties that come across your way. So, be positive and embrace the unknown. 

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2015.11.23 12:45 Mon

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