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Travel Advice that we should reconsider


Well yes, they say not to worry about money when the experience is worth it. 

Why to empty your credit cards when you can travel in the most affordable way?

 We live in a new technology era where you can easily find online booking platforms and alternative accommodation sites. Cheap  tickets can be found for the same destinations while to visit expensive cities like Paris, you can do couch-surfing or rent a house from Airbnb.



Yes and No. It’s no wonder some tourist attractions are always crowded in a specific place. Think for example how nice it is to sit under Eiffel’s Tower.

For this reason, choose to go there at off-peak times to enjoy the destination without tourists or do it as part of a tour where they usually can offer better access from the rest.



When you are about to visit a place it is good to have a prior programme about which important places to visit first. When you try to fit everything in your schedule you end up being exhausted and frustrated and many times for no reason.

Make a plan with the best places, organize your time and learn the map by heart to save time and also don’t miss authentic restaurants and museums. Enjoy your days as much as you can in the most relaxed way.



We totally recommend not to travel in big groups.

It is good to travel with your family when there are pre-planned tours, cruises or pre-booked resorts, because you have discounts. But if you think of it much better, many different personalities can make the trip to a miserable one. One will want to go to an another place, others will disagree and not all end up satisfied. So, slim up your friend or family list so you can travel easier minimizing the travel styles.



Strangers are the best way to learn a city. They can give an unique and genuine perspective on a destination and give you the best advice about the hidden places that only locals know that you will not find online. Ask for directions, for the best restaurants to visit, ask for anything and anywhere. Also, it is good to ask travelers like you. They end up to be the best guides!


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2015.11.27 17:46 Fri


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