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The RAINBOW river

There is a river, not like an average one, in Caño Cristales of Colombia.

Due to the many types of algae it contains, in some periods of the year the clear blue color of the river gets an unusual mix, reproducing most of the time, five different colors: red, yellow, green, blue. 

Aquatic plants give an extra magic to this majestic appearance, “dancing” with the flow of the river.

About the  length and width, Caño Cristales is less than 62.14 in length and exceeds 65.62 ft wide.

You will find here small waterfalls and pools whose water flow from the south mountainous area of La Macarena where its source is located, behind the oldest "Tepuyes de la sierra" in a rugged area plateau in which are numerous unexplored cave paintings.

Also, there is a great variety of birds, reptiles, amphians and primates that can be found only here. Not to mention the plant species too.

 For this reason, this area is militarized and protected from tourists so, the ecosystem will not be disturbed.

The season to visit it is open to everyone is from mid-May to the mid-December.

Don't miss it! 

Check out the video and enjoy !


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2015.12.02 11:51 Wed

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