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Better Travel Photos with these 5 apps!

Carrying around a heavy camera and its further equipment, can be very tiring and stressful not to break anything when you are a traveler. Especially when you visit a place for a limited time, you don’t want to add extra weight on you while on a hurry.

Not to mention those who don’t have a camera or don’t even know how to use it.

Luckily, nowadays, our phones can be substitutes of the normal DSLR cameras and photos can be easily transformed to amazing ones similar to the «professional».

Already, in many photography contests, photos taken from an Android or IOS phone have won the first place leaving behind the DSLR’s.

So, check out the most favored apps and become a special Travel Photographer:

1)  Snapseed

Best free app for the perfectionist. 

This photo editing tool gives you a variety of options when it comes to high quality finish. Basic edits like crop, rotate, tonal adjustments are of course installed, but the extra thing is that you can edit everything with your fingertips. Zoom into the image and use Burn and Dodge tools to remove/define objects. It is like a mini version of Photoshop on your handy.

2)  VSCO Cam

Best app for countless filters. 

Though it needs a charge of 0,99c in case you need more packs. It is without doubts the most high-rated app for those who love filters. Either you are a fan of dramatic black and white photos, dreamy looks, vintage style etc, VSCO Cam can serve all needs with very good images as examples so you van «tick» the best box.


Best app for urban photographers. 

Unfortunately it is available only in one platform, and that is IOS. Purchase it with $1,99. It has amazing editing tools such as perspective and straightening tools to enhance the image you take. It is perfect for street photography!  Buildings can become more attractive and sophisticated when you straighten the distortions and refine your angles.

4) Instagram

Who doesn’t know this? For those who love social snappings and adding the location, this is the best app. 

Although it doesn’t have many filters, at least it has the basic editing tools.
What makes instagram so special for travelers, is that you know what to expect when visiting a place. Which is the best point/or which is the best hour to visit a monument, or where is the best to take eye captivating shots. Also, it allows you to communicate with other user-travelers and exchange ideas or tips.

5) Camera FV-5 (Android) / Camera+ (IOS)
Take the best photo without using extra editing tools or apps. 

They both cost $3 each, but they are really worth the money. These two can give you the opportunity to control your settings as you shoot. You have a higher control over your focus points, you have access to white balance, longer exposure, create time-lapse videos and so on! It is so fun to use it! It makes your phone to a semi-professional camera with all these settings. It is so fun to have this and it can transform your camera skills making you so creative.

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2015.12.07 11:40 Mon

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