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Things Travelers forget when packing

1. Chargers
The most common to forget. You grab your cameras, phones, laptop  but not the changes of them. It is usual as they are all wireless. So before you leave, charge the batteries of all of them, and have next to the device, the necessaries.  
Extra tips: Bring some extra adapters (depending the country you go to), Add some travel apps to your phone, Transfer important contacts to a piece of paper, or if you afford a wireless charger while you are on the go and you are out of battery life.

2. Check your Hand Luggage
Never forget check the regulations for your flight. Medication and food items aren’t allowed on some flights, so you don’t want to waste time at the airport security check just because you accidentally left a jar of jam or a hazardous item in your hand luggage.

3. Toothbrush
Okay, many will disagree saying this. Some leave it on purpose because they can find a new one in the hotel room or buy one in a market store. But really, who would bother going to buy a new one?  Not many. So bring your toothbrush and toothpaste so you don’t waste time. (This also is for things like hairbrush, shampoo, soap, a razor, makeup and everything else on your “Things I Can’t Survive Without” list)
Extra tip:  When traveling, bring with you the travel packs to save space.

4. Camera
In our previous article we say that even if you don’t bring your camera, you shouldn’t worry. The phones are quite a good substitute too. Even so, if you prefer to bring your own professional camera, don’t carry around all your lenses. Choose the best one or maximum two. Also, don’t forget to bring some extra memory cards.

5. Headphones
Have you ever spent hours creating your perfect travel playlist and forgetting your headphones? Many travelers bring their pair to make long journeys more tolerable. It is perfect also to relax or keep you in a more active mood while walking.

6. To exchange money
Most people don’t have this in their checklist. Find out the currency of the country that you visit, exchange some in advance so you can save both time and money.

7. Book or a diary
Either for entertainment, a book is always a pleasant way to spend your time. Grab also a book guide with you and an extra map just in case you are out of battery. As for the diary, this is mostly for those who love writing about their trips, sticking some stamps/card postal on the pages or even for just keeping some important notes

8. Ear plugs and a sleep mask
If you are sensitive in loud disturbing noises or sensitive with the lights while sleping,they are a must. They might not help with blocking out annoyingly loud people though, but sometimes this is just part of travelling.

9. Dress according to the climate
«Some people seem to forget that the weather is not the same everywhere. If you live in a warm climate, remember that rain exists and pack a rain jacket. If you’re going on a summer vacation, pack your swimsuit and something warm for the evenings. Check the weather forecast for your destination and note the night temperature too.» says Kathrin M, a tour guide in Tallinn.

10. To pack less
It is really difficult. We know. It is so hard to leave things that you believe that you will use or put on but in fact most of them just stay in your luggage during the whole trip. Just bring your essentials and leave some space for souvenirs and extra things that you may buy.

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