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Erzsébet Lookout Tower (Budapest)

Normafa lies high in the hills of Buda (Alt. 477 m), on the Sváb-hegy (Schwab Hill) and closely positioned to János-hegy (Janos Hill), the highest point of the city. It's known not only for its panoramic scenery but also for the fresh air which is difficult to have access to in downtown frequented by motor vehicles.

It is not surprising at all that Normafa is a very popular destination among the citizens of Budapest. Besides the beautiful scenery and the view of whole city on the hills, it also offers its visitors, especially hikers, numerous routes for a quite pleasant walk in the forest.

What about some sightseeing? You shouldn’t leave without seeing Erzsébet Lookout Tower which is one important sight Normafa hosts. Just by climbing around 100 steps up you can obtain one of the best views of the whole Budapest. Standing on the top of the tallest hill in the north of the city (János-Hegy, 523 meters), Elisabeth Lookout Tower allows you to catch up an unforgettable image that immediately takes you away to the nearest nature-friendly environment.

In spite of broadly tourists' mistake about the story that features the hill, the current stone tower was actually built from 1908 to 1910 under the direction of extraordinary local architect Frigyes Schulek, by replacing the original wooden-made building. Due to the troubles in its construction (mainly because of the non-easy access, in an forested area with harsh slopes), its cost surpassed 240,000 forints at the time.

It is said that in the place where the watchtower lies at present the beloved Austrian empress and Hungarian queen Elizabeth (also known as Sissi, subject of uncountable popular stories) used to walk around. According to common memories, she loved to visit Budapest (even though she was born in Münich); gossips also suggest she was involved in a true, hidden love story with nineteenth-century famous count and politician Gyula Andrássy.

The place has been remodeled several times (the last one in 2005), always representing diverse stages as well as serving for different uses (as a location to watch enemies troops, as a meteorological station...) during the last century. Nowadays it serves to Budapest as a monument aimed to have a good knowledge of the impact that empress Sissi was in the country and the devotion their inhabitants still guard on her.

We hope that you are now convinced to visit this amazing place and can’t wait to know how to get there : ) Here you go: Taking the bus number 21 at Széll Kálmán tér will bring you to Normafa in 20 minutes. And we guarantee that it’s a pleasing ride thanks to the meanderings the bus follows, climbing up the hill and ascending slowly across the magnificent view of Budapest. Let us also know you that you have another public transport option: The Cogwheel Train. You can catch it at Varosmajor stop which is two tram stops away from Széll Kálmán tér and get off at Gyermekvasút stop.

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Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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