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Hangover Curing Foods of the World

New Year has arrived and all of us have to return to our job routine and classes of uni with happy stomachs full of food and perhaps bad headaches from big hangovers.

Have you traveled in a country and did not know what kind of food to eat to make you feel better after a long hangover?  Whether you celebrated your holiday vacation away from your hometown or you are planning to travel to an another country, check out these following tips to cure any bad situation.

Some extra tips are:

1) Eat Fatty Food before consuming alcohol, as they digest slowly helping you stomach to become less irritated from the effects of alcohol

2)Or Drink a glass of Milk before drinking. It absorbs the alcohol.

3) Drink water between your drinks to limit the portion of drinks you consume.

4) Before sleeping, eat a toasted bread. It will settle your stomach for sure.

5) Or else, drink a small glass of water with little orange juice. The vitamin C, helps the body to speed up the metabolism of alcohol by the liver.

[via foodrepublic]

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2016.01.04 13:49 Mon


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