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Plane Manners

Ever traveled and become so annoyed by some other passengers? 

For some people boarding on a plane has become an often routine and they become more comfortable in behaving without really thinking the rest.

For this reason, there is a survey done in the airports of London showing the most annoying manners of passengers on board.

Do you remember doing any of these?

63% Leaning the plane seat too much that the passenger behind you does not have enough space.

55% Using both armrest of the seat and not letting anyone to feel comfortable enough. (This is too bad for those who sit in the middle).

53% Being rude to the flight attendants and cabin crew

49% Carrying a too big hand luggage so that the fellow passengers has to put his one somewhere too far from his seat.

43% Talking too loud to a familiar person making you feel so annoyed to think or sleep.

40% When the plane has just landed but not yet stopped, many passengers get prepared and stand up to get their stuff just to be the first who will get to the passport queue.

34% Constantly leave their seats during the flight to open and close the lockers in order to get or leave stuff from their luggage.

33% of the passengers tend to put their feet between the gaps of the front seat, poking by accident someone’s shoulder.
24% Swearing without even caring if there are children around.

19% Hogging the window and blocking your view. (uhhhh)

[ via LondonCityAirport ]

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2016.01.13 17:57 Wed

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