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Tiniest Club? The size of a Phone booth!

Tiniest Club? The size of a Phone booth!


Currently the most trending club in Berlin, is the craziest VIP club, called Teledisko, that is a converted  Phone Booth!

Crazy huh?

Take 2 more friends with you (because it fits only 3persons maximum) and enjoy a crazy VIP Party with no others around you to be bothered from. 

Bring a coin too and pick up your favorite song from the touchscreen you will see.

There is also a disco ball inside! Crazy lights and fog can be added too!

The best part is that when the party ends, you can have pictures or videos from your exclusive party, printed directly just for you.

That's a really alternative way of partying!

[  via bussinessinsider  ]

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2016.01.27 13:02 Wed

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