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Pink Lake of Senegal

Ever imagined a Lagoon that would have an another color, not like the typical blue one? Blue, Black, Grey, Greenish are really common..

PINK?   Not at all !

Lake Retba, or else Lac Rose for the locals, is only one hour away from the city of Senegal and can offer you a great experience while glancing at it!

It has this really cool vivid pink color that can be so eye-captivating.

The reason why it is pink, is that its salinity content is super high. Even compare to the Dead Sea during dry season. (Try to visit it then, November to June. The other days it is less pink because of the rainy season.) 

The bacteria called, Dunaliella salina, is attracted by the lake’s salt content and it  produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight,in result of giving the lake this lovely colour.

An interesting fact about Lac Rose is that because of the salt content, organisms don't live in it, while locals extract the salt from it to make money.

[ via amazingstuff ]

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2016.01.29 15:37 Fri


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