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Heroes' Square (Budapest)

Spring has already arrived in Budapest! The shimmering sun is up, trees begin to flower and the beautiful scent spreads over the streets. Yes, exactly; it's time to go out! Why not take a pleasant walk along Andrássy Avenue and reward ourselves afterwards with a relaxing break with the ravishing scenery of Hősök tere (Heroes' Square)? In this article we would like to introduce you to the Heroes' Square which is one of the numerous trademarks of this lovely city.

Officially listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and located right next to the Museum of Fine Arts and the beautiful Széchenyi thermal baths, the square is a must-see for every visitor and also provides a perfect starting point for trips through the city. The impressive architecture and detailed sculptures make Heroes' Square one of Budapest's top tourist attractions. While walking over the vast Heroes' Square area and looking at the numerous historic statues one can get a feeling for Hungary's colorful and far reaching past. The depicted monumental historic kings and leaders and numerous war scenes leave a strong impression and often spark great interest in Hungarian history.

Let's Travel in time for A while and learn more About the Past of the Square. In 1896, with the aim to remember the first millennium since the settlement of the seven Magyar tribes in the Carpathian Basin under the leadership of Árpád, the works started in the Same Place where there WAS A popular Fountain. The construction of the two flanking the Square Museums Began in Those years. Nonetheless, the monument was not finished until 1929 definitely, as result of several renovations - like after World War I, when five statues of members of the Habsburg royal family were removed and substituted by those of five Hungarian historic leaders.

The square has been the location of one of the many important events in recent Hungarian history. For example, in 1956, the prime minister and leader of Hungarian Revolution Imre Nagy was hidden by members of near Yugoslav Embassy in order to avoid being captured by Soviet Union military force. Fifty years later, in honor of his legacy, a quarter of a million people attended to his reburial in front of the main column topped by Archangel Gabriel.

Nowadays, during the day many of the young people living in Budapest use the Heroes square as a meeting point and enjoy the relaxing surrounding area near the city park and lake. While Hungarian history might be full of conquerors, mighty kings and battles the square and most of its surrounding area provide a peaceful atmosphere and allow people to enjoy the city. At night while being illuminated by many different colored lights the square also provides and impressive view and has an almost mystical character.

You can reach the square by foot in 30 minutes from Deák Ferenc tér, or use 116-year-old " A földalatti " , the Historic Line 1 of Budapest Metro.

See you somewhere in Budapest soon!

(Maxim, Germany)

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