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The coldest village on earth

Sakha Republic of Russia, with capital city Yakutsk, is considered to be the most frozen part of the world. During winter time, the fumes of the factories, the vehicles and citizens, create a thick layer of fog, which covers the whole city, the cold days.

The village of Oymyakon is 2 days driving away from Yakutsk, so the cars should not stop moving so the engine won’t freeze. For this reason, there are 0-24 gasoline stations, for the winter transports. Their staff works every two weeks in those isolated regions of Sakha Republic.

 Ironically, Oymyakon actually means 'non-freezing water' due to a nearby hot spring.

There is only one shop that supplies the whole village. Most of the toilets are built quite far away from the houses, because it is really hard to install the necessary water pipes etc. in the cold ground.

Oymyakon village has today 500 residents, which call it “Pole of Cold”. 

This time of year the temperature is -50 Celsius, while the coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2C.

Also, it is 750 metres above sea level, which means that the length of a day varies from 3 hours in December to 21 hours in the summer

Photographer Amos Chapple from New Zealand, visited it and shared with us this beautiful portofolio.

[ via lifo ]

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