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Jellyfish lake

Jellyfish lake

Ever imagined that you can swim in a small body of water full of jellyfish?

Well, actually there is a Jellyfish lake in Palau, Philippines, where you can even go for snorkeling surrounded by almost 13 million jellyfish. 

Don’t worry, this species has inhabited the lake for so long (12,000 years ago, they were connected to the ocean and got cut off ) and now, since there are no threats for them anymore, their stingers are so mild and small that pain can’t be felt on your skin.

Every morning the entire jellyfish population migrates from the east side of the lake to the west side, following the sun, and then back again in the afternoon.

Before you enter the lake, you should always be prepared with the followings actions, in order to maintain the ecosystem:

*Never put sunscreen on right before you get into water.

*Always have a pair of fins with you, as with your bear feet, you can rip them apart and clean your snorkel gear as much as possible.

*Make sure that you are always in a prone position on the surface, making slow and gentle strokes.

[ via thisiscolossal ]

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