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8 Musical Sculptures that play music with the power of Nature!

8 different works of art, around the world have been installed to create harmonic musical hearings with the help of wind, water or rain..

Lets meet them!

1. Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley, Uk

Located in Lancashire, it is almost 3 meters tall. It resembles a tree and being created by windpipes in different sizes, this incredible statue creates some magical sounds covering several octaves.

2. Aeolus Wind Pavilion, London

This one got its name by the Greek god Aeolus who was the ruler of four winds. It is a similar metalic sculpture using wind power, that can be found in London, where visitors can walk through it and experience interesting sounds that it makes, when wind blows into these 310 pipes.


3. Sound Garden,  Seattle

Viewing the Washington Lake, this public art has attracted many visitors since its installation in 1980s.  It features 12 thin steel towers, inside of which there are organ pipes in different lengths that make various sounds when the wind blows through them.

4. Sea Organ, Croatia

In the coast city of Zadar, you will find this magnificent piece of art. Both wind and the small waves enter the holes in which there are 35 organ pipes and create a great combination of sound. Its great for meditation while viewing the sea. (For more details, check our older post of Sea Organ:

5. Wave Organ, San Fransisco

The Wave Organ is a wave-activated acoustic sculpture located on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay. The concept was developed by Peter Richards and was installed in collaboration with sculptor and master stone mason George Gonzales. Again, 25 organ pipes are installed in various heights making an amazing combination of wave sounds.

6. Blackpool High Tide Organ, Uk

It is 15meters tall and was installed in 2002 as part of the «Great Pomenade Show», in Uk. 8 big pipes are connected to 18 organ pipes, so when there is water flooding, the air from the sea enters through it making unusual sounds.

7. Musical Rain Gutters Wall, Dresden, Germany 

Well, some artists really enjoy redecorating the facade of buildings. In this case,  Christoph Roßner, Annette Paul, and Andre Tempel who all live in this building in Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, added creative rain gutters making rainfall even more interesting than it was!


8. Windorgel Vlissingen, The Netherlands
This musical sculpture has vertically placed bamboo tubes in which holes are made. It stands at the end of the Nolledijk in Flushing. The wind organ is a wind instrument which is played by the wind and produces a range of sonorous, sometimes almost humming tones.

[ via Tilestwra ]

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