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Best European Cities to cycle

It is great to wander around the city on foot, but let’s admit it, who wouldn’t love to experience the following ones while cycling?

Really, some cities are perfectly suited for cyclists! These picturesque cities make a really good job in promoting green way of living. 

More and more people use bicycles and traffic jam is becoming less annoying. 

What about parking? Of course it is easier to find one!

You can easily find and rent bikes on different docking places or metro stations. They are all in good condition and they offer the best service to both commuters and visitors.

Lets meet them!

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Budapest, Hungary

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands (There are about 880,000 bicycles in a city of 800,000 people and 32% of all trips in Amsterdam are made on bikes while only 22% are taken in cars.)

4. Ghent, Belgium

5. Bordeaux, France

6. Malmö, Sweden

7. Dublin, Ireland

8. Prague, Czech Republic

9. Oxford, England

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