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Dreamy Camera Cafe

Enjoying your coffee could not be more amazing!

«Dreamy Camera Cafe» is not an average Coffee place. 

From the outside it looks like giant red Retro Camera (Rolleiflex twin-lens camera) that was found in the countryside just 90 kilometers away from Seoul, South Korea.  
The owners of it, is a couple who created this whole idea with so much creativity and love to all details. 

They serve amazing coffee and all the interior design is made up by them: they have a vintage collection of cameras and accessories and also the best part of it are the pictures of the clients that are on the walls.

 Actually, they take you a picture and they print it instantly. On the bottom blank space they tell you to write down in a few words your dreams.

Isn’t that great?

The couple believes that it shouldn’t be just a classic cafe place where anyone would just have a quick dose of caffeine. 

For them, it is a place where you can share your stories and struggle to achieve or even discover your dreams.

So, if you ever go to this place, either you are camera fanatics or not, don't hesitate to talk with them !

 Check out their official facebook page:

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2016.03.13 01:37 Sun

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