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Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Goiás, Brazil

Day Trips

Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Goiás, Brazil

Alto Paraíso is a city wich is 230km away from the capital Brasília. With a lot of wild nature and waterfalls.

Day 1 - Day 1- Getting to the city
Events of the day
Day 1- Getting to the city
To get to Alto Paraíso you need to have as reference Brasília, the capital of the country. There, near to the airport or in other points of your choice you can rent a car (and you will need to rent a car if you want to visit most part of the waterfalls).
After renting the car you'll have to ride 230km (aprox. 3 hours) to get to the city center.
Alto Paraíso is a small city located in the region of Chapada dos Veadeiros, with almost 10.000 habitants. There you will find calm, tranquility and a huge contact with nature. But if you want adventure you can also find it, in the main street of the city there are some agencies that can handle and schedule excursions that go beyond what you can do only with the car.
You should book your hotel or hostel before going there because is a touristic city and there are some periods of big movement.
In the first day a good thing to do is just enjoy the city center that is summed up in basically one street. There you can find a square where some people sell clothes and jewelry. There's also a lot of restaurants that you can choose. 
Before going to sleep make sure that you have already planned the other day trip because is good to wake up early and enjoy the hole day in the nature.
Day 2 - Day 2- Exploring the surroundings
Events of the day
Day 2- São Bento's Complex
Before going to Alto Paraíso you have to do a big research about the place. There are different places that you should visit depending on yours wills. For example, there are good places to go with family and kids, but there are some place that are dangerous and only for adults and adventures. In this post I will talk only about places that you can go with family and with private vehicle.
You have to wake up early if you want to enjoy the waterfalls calmly.

In the fisrt day a good option is to go to São Bento (; GO-239 Km 10 |Fazenda São Bento), that is both complex of adventures, farm and hotel. It is really well located, not far from the city center, with easy access. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the entrance of São Bento.
There you can find three big waterfalls: São Bento, Almécegas I and Almécegas II and you pay the price of 4 eur to visit only São Bento (with the easiest and closest access) or 8 eur to visit all of them, the whole day. 

The complex also have restaurant, that way you can go to the waterfalls, have lunch, and get to them again, but the best option is to take your own food so you don't waste time.

First you should go to São Bento Waterfall, you only have to walk about 5 minutes and you get to a huge natural pool with the fall of 8m high. This pool is really good to swim and to jump from the rocks.
Then you have to get you car again, ride for a trail and get to the parking of the second waterfall of your choice.
You'll have two opitions:
Almécegas I: A beautiful and big waterfall with 50m of high. There you can see it from the top, the bottom and also see from the front in the observatory. To get to this one is a little bit harder because you will have to walk climbing for more or less 20 minutes. (Completly worth it).
Almécegas II: This on is also really beautiful, but shorter and with easy access, you will have to walk straight for about 10 minutes and you get there.

Both waterfalls have their own parking.

You can spend the whole day only at this complex, and then return to Alto Paraíso and take some rest.

Be sure that the other day is also planned so you can enjoy better.

Day 3 - Day 3- Going further
Events of the day
Day 3- Cachoeira Loquinhas
The attraction of the day is Cachoeira das Loquinhas. It's different from the São Bentos's waterfalls because here you cannot see the high falls, only the small pools.
With crystal and clear water, Cachoeira das Loquinhas is one of the most beautiful places in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. 
You will have to drive for about 15 minutes into the city in a ground road. At the entrance you pay the fee of 8 eur to spend how much time as you want and visit all the pools (there are 7).
To see all the wells you have to walk on a wooden track that is really easy and takes 30 minutes in maximum. You can go down in every pool and take long baths. 
Day 3- Gota SatSom
After spending one whole period in the Loquinhas waterfall, you can go back to the city center and enjoy some of the programming of the city. 
A good place to know in Alto Paraíso is the holistic space Gota SatSom ( There you can find a temple in drop format with musical performances and sound experiences and breathing. The Drop format causes expansion and harmonization of sound that can be heard in various dimensions. Silence can be perceived at the same time. The musician always use at least one rare instrument. 
At the entrance you don't have to pay but you can give donations. 

To listen we need silence, calm the mind. And when that happens we can feel peace and harmony arriving with silence.
Day 4 - Day 4- In the way of São Jorge
Events of the day
Day 4- Rancho do Valdomiro
São Jorge is a village of Alto Paraíso, which is 35km away from the city center, you'll have to take the road GO-239 for about 20 minutes.

Before getting to the village you have to do some mandatory stops: Valdomiro's Ranch, the Whale Hill, the Moon Valley and finally the village of São Jorge.

The first stop is for lunch at the Valdomiro's Ranch (it's important to say that you can go first to the Moon Valley and then have lunch, it's up to you).
It is a rustic stall next to the majestic Whale Hill, where they prepare the most famous matula in the world. Matula is a mix of brazilian ingredients, it's composed by white beans shaped seasoned with saffron and tutu over 4 types of meat (but it has also the vegetarian option) it is served on banana leaf, plus accompaniments: paçoca (manioc flour), fried yucca, cooked pumpkin, rice and tomatoes. And all produced right there in their land organically. 
After eating, you can walk around the ranch and see the beautiful hills around. The Whale Hill is one of the touristic symbols of Alto Paraíso, besides it, there is the pretty Maytrea garden (you can also see a beautiful sunset at this point). 

Day 4- Vale da Lua
The Moon Valley is also one of the postcards of Alto Paraíso, it's really beautiful and unique. It is a set of carved rock formations on the rocks by the clear waters of the São Miguel River. The Valley of the Moon name comes from the appearance that remember a lunar landscape, with small craters dug by the sand friction washed away with the rocks in the corners where the rapids are stronger, giving rise to small eddies and funnels. It is located 11 km from São Jorge by GO -239 highway.
You need to get at the entrance by car after a 5km ground road. At the entrance you pay the fee of 7 eur to enjoy the whole day. 
To see the main attraction you need to walk on a trail for about 15 minutes, it's easy and don't have climbs, but you have to be aware all the time because the nature there is wild and it can be dangerous.

Day 4- Village of São Jorge
After going to the other points of the day you can finally reach São Jorge, there are around 500 habitants, it's a hippie city, without asphalt because the own population doesn't want it. There are a lot of hostels and restaurants. The village is basically one street with people coming and going. The night there is busiest then in Alto Paraíso because there are more young people and a lot of adventures who rather camp there then in the city. There are also good SPA's.

If you have more time in the Chapada, you can ask informations about the visit of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, that you can access from São Jorge. 

Day 5 - Day 5- Other options
Events of the day
Day 5- Other options
The previous points are the easiest places to go in Alto Paraíso, but if you do a full research you can find more than 20 different waterfalls to see and enjoy. The are also the adventure excursions that you can participate.
If you want a better experience in the Chapada dos Veadeiros you have to spend at least 10 days.

Here are some tips about places to visit also:

Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros: It is a Brazilian conservation units of integral protection of nature. Where you can do visits and take bath in some waterfalls.
Cachoeira Santa Bárbara: this is the prettiest waterfall of all, but it's 110km far from Alto Paraíso, it's located at the city of Cavalcante. 
Cachoeira dos Cristais: 8km from Alto Paraíso.
Poço Encantado: easy access, good for family, it's also a restaurant and hotel. It is 52km far from the city center.
Cachoeira do Segredo: 12km trail, with medium difficulty it has more than 100m of high. It's located 14km away from São Jorge.
Santuário Ecológico Vale Dourado
Catarata dos Couros

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Location Brazil, Brasília
Categories Adventure travel
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Alto Paraíso de Goiás
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