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Bath in the Stone Sea!

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Bath in the Stone Sea!

Have you ever seen the sea from stones or the Stone Fall? 
We would like to show you unique natural phenomenon Stone Fall and Stone Sea, you can see on your way to the Somoska Castle.

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Somoska Castle
In the teritorry of the village Siatorska Bukovinka you can find Somoska Castle, which is unique among the Slovak castles, because it is built of unconventional hexagonal basalt pillars. Somoska was probably built at 13th century after the Tartar invasion. 
The Castle visitors can on their way stop at the unique natural phenomenon called Stone Fall. It lies north-east of the castle hill and it consists of a fan of basal pillars.
When you will have time and that feeling, you can jump to the Stone Sea. But be careful! There is no water, just the stones. Stone Sea is another natural phenomenon and it consist, as its name suggests, of a great amount of stones.
If you are asking, how you can get there, it is really easy. Just drive to the parking lot in front of the Nature Reserve and continue on foot via instructive path following the green hiking marks which takes you about 45 minutes.
Slovak restaurant "Malý mlyn"
After your hiking tour and amazing experience on the Somoska castle, you should to try traditional Slovak food in restaurant "Malý mlyn". 
Of course you should not miss traditional Slovak food - Bryndzové halušky just for 2,5 €, yes just 2,5 €! Another specialty - Kapustová polievka (cabbage soup) you can get for 1,4 €. If you are not so interested in tradition food, don´t worry. Restaurant Maly mlyn offers food as pizza, fried chicken, cheese or many kind of meat. 
For example any types of pizza´s from 4,2 €, fried cheese 2,5 €, pancakes 1,5 € and many others. 
Restaurant is open every day from 10 am till 9 pm, Fridays and Saturdays till 10 pm. 
Of course everybody is very welcome in this beautiful, cozy restaurant with adorable staff. We guarantee your children will just love it here, too!

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Nikoleta Vitovská

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Location Slovakia, Lucenec
Categories Culture, history & ruin trips
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