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Berlin Calling!

Day Trips

Berlin Calling!

Explore the capital of germany at its very best!

Day 1 - Main sights worth to see
Events of the day
Holocaust Memorial
One of the most impressive places in Berlin is the holocaust memorial to the murdered jews in Europe. In the heart of Berlin is a stele-field which can be approached and walked through from all sides. On an area of about 19.000 square metres architect Peter Eisenmann set up 2.711 concrete steles of varying heights to create a grid-like structure, where visitors can learn about the victims of the Holocaust.
Brandenburg Gate
One of the best known landmarks in Germany and the symbol of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. The triumphal arch is located in the western part of the city centre. While the Brandenburg Gate used to represent the seperation of the city between east and west, nowadays it symbolise German unity. Made of sandstone, with six Doric columns on both sides, it's one of the finest examples of German classicm.
Reichstag Building
A building with a long history. The Reichstag building suffered heavy damage in bombing raids, was set on fire, and destroyed several times but it recovered everytime. The new Reichstag building was opened in 1999 and excites its visitors every year!

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Stefanie Kropius


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Location Germany, Berlin
Categories Art & architecture
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